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over 3 years ago

Hackusama Technology Highlight - DeFi, Oracles, and Node Infrastructure

Happy Friday! Looking for ideas for other tools and tech to use for your project?

Hackusama has teamed up with Acala, Chainlink, and Gantree to provide additional tools, technology, and support for you and your teams.

Acala - DeFi primitives

Acala will launch as a DeFi parachain for Kusama and Polkadot. Acala's team is offering up a suite of out-of-box DeFi primitives such as stablecoin, staking derivatives and decentralized exchange to power more DeFi applications. They've also open-sourced common utility modules such as oracle, multi-currency, generic monitoring framework for teams to use.

Their offerings are production-grade and production-ready. The full-stack DeFi primitives, pallets and SDKs available are:

  • Honzon stablecoin: multi-collateralized cross-chain stablecoin aUSD using Bitcoin & DOT as collaterals 
  • Homa staking derivative: release staked DOT liquidity for DeFi and more
  • DeX: constant product automatic market maker type decentralized exchange
  • Oracle: out-of-box aggregator, operator setup, advanced fee customization and quality of service
  • Multi-currency: offers a unified interface for enabling multi-currency support for Substrate-based chains
  • Governance: implemented with progressive decentralization  

 Below is all the necessary documentation to get you going:

More information and Acala's full Hackusama blog post can be found here.

Need support from the Acala team? Ask in the Acala channel on the Hackusama Discord.


Chainlink - Oracle Pallet

You can build a substrate blockchain that can connect to any API, data source, or external feed you like. Just add the Chainlink pallet to your blockchain, and you're now ready to start! Find the repo for documentation here and watch the demo here.

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely connect with any data and system outside the blockchain such as data providers, web APIs, IoT networks, other blockchains, enterprise backends, traditional bank payments, and more. Chainlink is critical to connecting the Ethereum ecosystem to the rest of the world.


Gantree - Full-service node infrastructure toolkit for Substrate-based blockchains

Our friends at Gantree have built a full-service node infrastructure toolkit for Substrate-based blockchains. It should be a very useful toolkit to many of you. Check out all the details in a recent blog post from their CTO, Tom Nash, or watch their 3 minute demo.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the Hackusama Discord.